Bruno Milella & C. s.r.l. in Bari

For 50 years in the logistic and shipping industry

Bruno Milella & C. s.r.l. Bari was established in 1960. Its purpose is to offer a valid support to the companies interested in customs operations, international shipping and embarkation and disembarkation of goods in the port of Bari and in the other ports in Apulia. Over the time the company has grown and started to gain experience and skills.It now guarantees efficient and precise services and handles the paperwork and import-export operations.

Bruno Milella & C. in Bari is specialized in road, maritime and air transports and has an efficient logistic department which stores your goods, takes care of the customs and general paperwork and provides a consulting service during the whole import-export operation. Furthermore, the companyoffersits bonded and VAT warehouses in the port of Bari, with many advantages and benefits.

The professional activity of Bruno Milella & C. in Bari is focused on the growing satisfaction of its clients, through high quality services in compliance with the current requirements. To achieve this goal, in 2011 the company has started to implement its quality management system, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 norm, to acknowledge its professional services and improve its operational and management procedures.
The Management and all the employees, from the operational departments to the administration and accounting office, from the consulting to the computer departments are all quality- and service-oriented to satisfy the needs and expectations of every single client. The whole team is available to give you advice and explain the necessary procedures to export and import goods and to clarify your doubts if you are interested in transports in Italy and abroad.