Goods handling

Container logistics

Storage and goods movement department.

The various services offered by Bruno Milella& C. include an efficient department for container logistics to store the goods before they are finally delivered. The department takes care of the embarkation, disembarkation, storage and transfer of goods. The department for container logistics is equipped with bonded and VAT warehouses, located in the port of Bari, which are at the clients’ disposal with remarkable tax breaks concerning duties, taxes and VAT (to learn more visit the Customs Operation section or contact one of our chiefs).

To plan an import-export activity, Bruno Milella& C. provides its clients with a very accurate consulting service. A professional team of experts will help the companies organize new routes, rationalize the already existing ones, study new transport methods to optimize the costs and the duration to satisfy the clients’ needs.

The consulting department is furthermore ready to support the clients to obtain the Authorized Economic Operator certification, AEO. The economic operator with AEO certification has more advantages in the international commercial operations, because it is considered by the customs authoritiesas a reliable operator (for example it might benefit from less controls on the documents and goods, quicker customs procedures, priority treatment for its shipments). The AEO certification furthermore offers a range of “indirect” advantages, related to the improved relation with the customs authorities (client coordinator), like the improved communication among the parties of the logistic chain, the customer retention strategies and the general improvement of every phase of the operations.

The interested companies are invited to contact one of our chiefs to have the necessary info about the modalities and costs.