Import and export

Customs operations

Serving import/export companies.

Bruno Milella & C., the first company which hasbeen working with the telematicservice since 1996, provides quick, efficient and professional services, takes care of the paperwork and the customs operations. Through the telematicservice E.D.I. and the simplified customs procedure (through CAD) you will get all the documents you need to import and/or export your goods in a few minutes.
Our customs service provides the following customs operations:

- Permanent exports;
- Temporary exports;
- Third party processing exports;
- Triangulation exports;
- Exports with inward processing arrangements;
- Community transfer exports;
- T.I.R. transfer exports;
- Exports of goods for ship supply and/or equipment;
- Exports of products subject to the reimbursement of the Excise.

- Permanent imports;
- Temporary imports;
- Third party processing imports;
- Imports with inward processing arrangements;
- Imports of goods for bonded warehouses;
- Imports of goods for VAT warehouses;
- Reimports to reclaim temporary exports;
- Deductible reimports of Community goods;
- Reshipment of foreign goods in transit.

The companies which decide to fill out the customs operations with Bruno Milella& C. will have the opportunity to use its bonded and VAT warehouses in the port of Bari.

Many advantages for the companies:
- No duties or taxes in advance;
- No duties and taxes on goods for extra-EU markets;
- Goods might be inspected by the possible buyers;
- Goods might be further manipulated (labelled, repackaged, put in blister packsetc);
- If the company uses both the bonded and VAT warehouses, it avoids to pay the VAT during the import phase.

The VAT will be charged only when the goods are taken out of the warehouse, but it will never have to be materially paid. It is enough to auto-liquidate it with a note on your account book.

For further info and clarifications about the services and for specific analyses, we invite you to contact us.